Bob Wilson's Earlier Introductions & Seedlings

2007 Introductions

RED ZEPPELIN (Bob Wilson 2007)

(Carolicolossal x Oklahoma Kicking Bird) Dip 11" Sev E
With a 1:4.1 ratio, RED ZEPPELIN was the first spider to show from my hybridizing efforts. Huge, fragrant blooms are a medium burgundy with a slightly deeper burgundy chevron. Abbreviated midribs on petals and sepals and a yellow throat with lime heart finish it off. It is best in afternoon shade, and is amazing at clump strength. A good pollen parent, low bud count (10) nearly kept this hem off the market. Yet there are those who demanded to see its genetics made available! No longer available.


TO EVERY SEASON (Bob Wilson 2007)

(unknown x unknown) Dip 6.5" Sev 35" EM
TO EVERY SEASON shouts from across the garden with a hot gold-yellow bloom that cannot be missed. Even the throat screams hot! A garden name of "Turn Turn Turn" described this unusual form with twisted sepals and pinched petals. TES typically shows about 18 buds, but the bloom season is extended with recurrent scapes. On hot summer afternoons a slight bleaching along the edges of both petals and sepals giving it a unique look. Though parentage is unknown, it is so distinctive that it had to be introduced. Fertile both ways. RETIRED but still available ($10).



(Olallie Harvest Moon x unknown) Tet 5" Dor 27" MLa
At one time I worked with a lot of tetraploids and NEWBOLD YELLOW DELICIOUS is the result of one of those crosses. The entire 5" self is golden yellow and is two or three-way branched.  The terminus will have a "Y" or a three-way forked "W" and a bud count of 17.NYD will have a recurrent scape and will occasionally proliferate. The "Olallie" bloodline gives this plant hardiness. Fertile both ways. RETIRED but still available ($10).


MOM'S PINK DIVINITY (Bob Wilson 2007)

(Lake Norman Spider x Oklahoma Kicking Bird) Dip 9" Dor 38" EM
I knew I must continue hybridizing when I first saw this long petaled beauty bloom as a seedling. It’s garden name was 'A Star Is Born', and over time it lived up to this. From a distance it presents an orchid color, but on closer inspection one sees rose-violet petals with a slightly deeper violet halo. It has a yellow throat with a small green heart. One happy discovery I have made with OKB as a pollen parent is that its kids take on the hardiness of the pod parent, so I am using this plant and its siblings a great deal in my hybridizing lines. The bud count of 12 is more than made up for by MPD's garden presence and vigor. Fertile both ways. RETIRED but still available ($10).



(unknown x unknown) Dip 7.5" Sev 35" EM
Not paying attention to parentage has caused problems with my early intros though I think this one has KINDLY LIGHT in it.  NEWBOLD NAVAJO FEATHER is a bitone, crispate spider (1:4.75) with the petals being a rusty cream and the sepals showing buff yellow. The eye zone is a deep burgundy and the throat is yellow. Scapes average 35", carry two branches and right at 15 buds (more if a terminus "Y" tops the scape). Fragrant. Fertile both ways. When grown well it will sometimes present a very late rebloom. RETIRED but still available ($10).


SIX LEGS A LEAPING (Bob Wilson 2006)

(unknown x unknown) Dip 7" Sev 35" EM
In all likelihood this hem has Green Widow in its background, but I cannot be sure. The name tries to capture the looks of this bright yellow unusual form. The pinched petals and curled sepals display great movement for a variable crispate. It has a bitter green throat that extends into the petals. It is nicely branched with a "Y" terminus or a three-way forked "W", and averages 18 buds. I am using SLAL extensively in my hybridizing as it passes on its branching to its offspring. Very difficult pod fertility but extremely pollen fertile. Fragrant. RETIRED but still available ($10).

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