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Bob Wilson: Hybridizing at Wilson Gardens

Wilson Gardens is basically a hybridizing garden though we do sell some select daylilies, hostas and ornamental grasses. We have been in business since the early ‘90s.  At one point we grew more than 6,000 named daylily varieties but that has been cut back substantially so that we offer fewer than a thousand now. My hybridizing focus is mainly on spiders and unusual forms but my interests in other daylily types are not limited. I do not intend to become wealthy from my efforts as the idea is to enjoy what I do each day. 

I belong to the Central Iowa Daylily Society (CIDS) based out of Marshalltown, Iowa and it is a good hour’s drive from my home which means that I am not as active as I would like to be. I also belong to the American Hemerocallis Society and the American Hosta Society. Once summer comes I belong to my garden, LOL! Being a part of my local club has enabled me to make friends with people who do what I do grow daylilies and hybridize them.

This site features some of my registered hybrids.  All plants listed are double fans. Shipping is by Priority Mail and is $8.00 for the first plant and $1.00 for each additional plant. If you are in the area and would like to see the garden, please call before visiting.

Bob Wilson
PO Box 383
Knoxville, Iowa 50138
Tel: 641.891.6751
E-mail: bwilson@knoxvilleraceway.com

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